Writing Workshop

Who should take this workshop? 

Middle and High School students who want or need to improve their writing skills. Students preparing for the SAT, ACT, AP exams, college applications and personal college statements.


What is the focus? 

It's Academic instructors will work with students on essay organization, the writing process, understanding scoring rubrics, enhancing writing style, and responding to various types of prompts.


Essay Organization


  • How to format your essay

  • How to organize your thoughts

  • How to develop your ideas

  • How to find and use evidence to support your thesis

  • How to write effectively and concisely with a clear purpose

  • What does it mean to anticipate your audience?



Utilizing the writing process


  • What does it mean to "edit" your work?

  • What does it mean to "pre-write"?

  • Reviewing Grammar Basics - conventions of standard written English

  • Using MLA - how to avoid plagiarism

  • Understanding Rubrics

  • Enhancing Your Writing

  • Using transitional words and phrases effectively

  • Using higher level vocabulary words without over doing it! Using vivid details without being too wordy!

  • Using variety in sources and references



Responding to writing test prompts


  • Taking a clear position - writing a strong thesis

  • Connecting the ideas in your essay to each other and back to your thesis

  • Using logical reasoning and how to support your ideas while maintaining focus throughout the essay

  • How to present counter arguments and dismissals



Response Essays


  • Using the proper format

  • Using literary terms for analysis and response essays (AP classes)


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