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My son K received his SAT results today after taking the March 14th 2020 test – he realized a 120 point total gain including a perfect Math score of 800! THANK YOU IT’S ACADEMIC for your 6-week SAT preparation course! Your course is an intense cram session and 6 weeks is a perfect length of time; any longer and the Student risks burn-out. I’ve been recommending your course to anyone taking the SAT.


Thank you again,


Paul S

Hello Dr. Wiedre, Hope you had a great weekend. I have to share this with you.  Abby has been in an enriched math program outside her regular school program the past couple years and today was her first class wearing the new prism lenses.  After class, I asked her how the glasses felt wearing them in a school setting for the first time (i.e. Did she notice a difference?) She answered "Yes. There was a difference." She explained to me that it felt like someone turned her brain on and could think and answer all the questions. She went on to say that without the glasses, everything seemed jumbled in her brain but now it’s much easier. That’s amazing. Thank you. As a parent, I couldn't be happier to hear those words. I’ll update you again when she starts school next week.





Dear William,

      Finally, the class is over and we can rest easy now. Although an A is better than a B in any class, I believe we were both expecting an A. But a hard earned B is admirable as well. With any given outcome, I'm proud to have worked with you and I'm ecstatic to tell you our hard work has paid off. I took the extremely uneven final, where some questions were stupendously easy and others were excruciatingly difficult. I guessed on only one question, but I will never know if I guessed correctly because I do not have the pleasure of looking the test over. That is the way it is with finals at Carlsbad High School, but in any school, it is the grade that counts the most. I woke up the morning of the final nervous as hell, but it all went away when I realized I was confident in the material and I was not going to let a GPA tell me who I am. A man can be a genius in a craft that no one knows about and still find difficulty in something he was not destined to do. I was unsure of my abilities in math until I met you. I have grown from a deep hatred of math to a passionate confidence for the content. I will probably need this passion once or twice throughout my entire life. You have given me an opportunity no one else has given me. There are no words to describe how grateful I am and I know I repeated what I wrote in your card but I truly mean it. I bet you're still skeptical on what the final outcome is, because I did make it seem like we got a B. Thankfully the war was won (one) and we did receive an A. It came down to decimals. I got an 82% (49/60) on the final which was cushioned by the extra credit I was given, but the final grade came out to be an 89.5%. The computer automatically rounds the 89.5% to a 90% but nothing lower than an 89.5%. I'm imagining how aggravated I would have been if it was an 89.49%. But all the same, I still would have appreciated any grade better than the 71.86% I started out with. Not only can you do math, but you told me not to quit and you were right, Mr. Math Magician)


-From the one you inspired,




I would just like you to know how happy we were with the tutoring our son received at It's Academic! Our son is doing exceptionally well in his first year of middle school. He has maintained straight A's all year long and is thoroughly enjoying school. He has handled the transition from elementary school to middle school seamlessly as he continues swimming on a competitive team and playing an instrument for the first time in his life. Thank you and your staff for your support! The vision therapy along with the additional tutoring he did at It's Academic last year have helped him achieve the academic success that we all knew he was capable of.




I would just like to let you know that I recently got accepted into NYU for this fall at Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development as a Music Technology Major!


I am so incredibly excited to start this next chapter of my life soon and I couldn't have done it without all the help I've gotten from It's Academic. Thank you and Howard so much for all your help with finding me such amazing tutors throughout my junior and senior year, a thank you to Grant who helped me with AP calculus and AP physics last year, and lastly a huge thank you to Tina and Jenna who helped me with my last SAT jumping my critical reading score 100 points with just a few tutoring sessions. 


I'm enjoying the last few months of my senior year a lot, but looking forward to all the amazing opportunities I hope will come my way in the fall of this year. I couldn't have done all this without all of your help!


Thank you so much again,



I wanted to share that Eric scored a 2060 on the December SAT exam: 770 in Math, 590 in Critical Reading, 700 in Writing. He is quite pleased, and he wanted his teacher, Mr. Higgins, to know that he exceeded his goal of scoring a 2000.

I also wanted to thank you and It’s Academic, as the SAT prep class helped both our boys achieve great success on the SAT with only one attempt each. (My son scored 2150 on the Nov. 2013 SAT after taking the prep class.)

Thanks again


My son just scored proficient on the STAR Testing. This is a huge improvement. I remember that he was reading 40 words per minute with low comprehension when he started with you. He now reads at 190 words per minute with 70 % or better comprehension. He is more confident and happier in school. Thank you.

My wife and I appreciate the way you have set-up It's Academic. My child feels like this is his second home. Whether it is diagnosing a school issue, educating us about learning difficulties, or going with us to visit his school, you have gone beyond our expectations. Our community is just learning about It's Academic and all you have to offer. We are truly blessed to have you and your wonderful staff in the community.

Dr Wiedre and his staff at Its Academic are remarkable. Our daughter attended Its Academic a few years ago during her early elementary school years; she is back again now during middle school.  We have always been impressed with the personalized tutoring she has received; it has always been tailored to her grade/age. Dr Wiedre and staff are always looking at the whole child; attempting to find out 'roadblocks' that the child may be having (bad study habits, vision issues, teaching styles, etc.).  We have been very pleased with the help our daughter has received and have recommended Its Academic to many others.

It's Academic is the only group of tutors I found with a 360 degrees knowledge on all the fields connected and related to the school and academic system. They are professional and their preparation is outstanding. Howard has put together something that should be followed by many others but with the same accuracy. Both of my boys love to work with them and especially my little one who is very distractible. I might send my daughter when she'll start college this year.

Without question the best investment I have ever made in my child's education. It's Academic was able to educate my son and raise his confidence level with his academic abilities. When asked about tutoring centers, this is the only one I would consider recommending.

My daughter started taking tutoring lessons at 'It's Academic' about a year ago and it's made such a big difference. It has brought her grade in math up from a C to an A. She loves her tutor and is actually looking forward to going there. Howard and his staff are wonderful and I'm so thankful that a friend referred me to them.

It's Academic Tutoring has been an immense help for my son. He struggled with reading and Howard has turned that around! My son first went to It's Academic in 5th grade for math....here we are in 11th grade and he is in AP calc! Howard and his fantastic staff have provided my son with the tools for success.

It's Academic is outstanding.  My child’s test scores and reading ability were all over the grid during third grade and we just couldn't figure out what was going on.  The teachers said just to read more. After a year of remedial educating by Dr. Wiedre and his staff my child is performing above grade level, has a dramatically improved memory, and enjoys reading.  It's Academic has changed my child's future for the better through interactive one on one adaptive teaching, patience, insight, consistency and flexibility.  I would highly recommend this amazing team of educators.

My son has benefited greatly from Its Academic Tutoring.  We have tried many forms of tutoring and this by far is has been the most helpful.  They are very educated people who work with your kids. I highly recommend Its Academic Tutoring.

The director is a dedicated professional with an impressive academic background. The center has specifically tailored programs to help students one-on-one. One student I know advanced three reading grade levels in six months!

My daughter has been going to Its Academic Tutoring since the5th grade and has help my daughter keep her Math grade at a grade of a B or better.  All the staff there are very knowledgeable and care about the success of each student.  Howard is an exceptional person and has a true passion for education and teaching.  With my daughter in High School and an active athlete in two different sports they have help my daughter be even more successful in her Math and now Chemistry.

It's Academic is great.  My daughter was having difficulty in reading comprehension and retention.  Tests were miserable for her.  After working with Howard's program and going to Vision Therapy (on his recommendation) she is doing much better.  I am thrilled with the results we received and I have recommended It's Academic to many people.  I have been to other tutors and It's Academic is the best.  Howard gets to the root of the problem.

My 2nd grade son has been tutoring with Howard for 6 months now and we are seeing a dramatic improvement in his reading fluency and comprehension.  It's Academic tutoring is a great resource for kids and parents.

We are really happy with our son's progress with reading and math. He has come a long way with the thanks of Barbara one of the tutor's at It's Academic Tutoring. She has worked a lot with my son and his grades have improved ten-fold. I highly recommend this tutoring program if your child is either struggling or just needs a little push of self-esteem with their school work. My son now is in the top ten percentage grades in his class. Thank you It's Academic!

It's Academic Tutoring is the BEST!  I appreciate all the help Annette has given Francesca.  I have seen a great deal of improvement in both reading and writing.  She understands more of the complete story when she reads a book.  This helps when she structures a written paragraph.  The other area of improvement has been in her confidence and understanding and I know these sessions have helped build her confidence as she approaches middle school.

We tried 2 other facilities prior and there is no comparison.  We have had such a great experience with Howard and Annette that now Francesca picks up books and is enthusiastic about reading.  I am very pleased with It's Academic Tutoring.  You have really made a difference.

I am so grateful for the excellent quality of help provided by the staff of It's Academic Tutoring to my son. He was having a lot difficulty in math at school and after his sessions at It's Academic Tutoring, his math skills and grades improved dramatically. My son's self-confidence improved as well.  It's Academic feels like a very encouraging environment, an important quality when a child is not doing well in school, the students feel welcome and cared about at It's Academic. I would highly recommend It’s Academic tutoring center to anyone needing help with school work or just wanting to improve their grades.

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