Private One-on-One Tutoring - $60/$65/$75/hour

Teachers meet with students on a one teacher to one student basis by appointment to assist with understanding subject matter.

Education Advocacy - $200.00/hour

A faculty IEP expert will review student records and accompany parents to IEP meetings, 504 meetings and class observations.

Education Consultation - $75.00/hour

The Director will meet with parents to discuss: General educational issues, IEP, 504 Plans, Curriculum, Special Education, FAPE, Educational testing or assessment, Vision and Auditory Processing, Executive Functions and Organization.

Assistance writing a College application essay, letter, or responding to a deferral or placement on a waitlist letter - $75.00/hour

We would be happy to assist you. We will work with you on a one to one basis to help you choose the best words to represent you.

Sports and Recreational Assessment & Consultation

Please call for pricing

Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary and Fluency Evaluation

Please call for pricing

Does the student reread often? Do they have difficulty remembering what he/she reads? Does the student finish long exams on time? Is his/her reading and fluency grade levels? We can test a student’s fluency (reading speed), comprehension and vocabulary using infra-red technology. The assessment is approximately 2 hours and includes a review of the assessment findings, and recommendations for parents, and a comprehensive assessment report is emailed.

SAT Test Preparation Courses - $550.00
Individual Test Preparation - $75.00/Hour


Takes place on a one to one student/teacher basis. Need to brush up in math, reading or writing? We will meet with you, discuss and analyze your academic strengths and weaknesses and develop an individualized program just for you. *Student to purchase a New (unused) Study Guide book at Barnes and Noble, Target, Walmart or any retailer of your choice.

*If student has not taken an ACT or SAT official exam or practice test within the last 4 months, we recommend they do this to establish a baseline before student begins individualized instruction.

Funding for College - $100.00/Hour

Would you like us to search funding opportunities for you? Don’t have the many, many hours needed to find funding, scholarships and grant sources?  We will meet with you to discuss your College options including, funding, scholarship, and grants.  

Test Proctoring - $50.00

Official Test Proctoring Center for Western Governors University and BYU Online University, Proctoring for Independent School Entrance Exams