Dr. Howard Wiedre


Dr. Howard Wiedre has his doctorate in Education with a specialty in perception from San Diego State University and Claremont Graduate School. His dissertation on At-Risk Children was selected by Claremont Graduate School for a National Award. He received a commendation from First Lady Hillary Clinton. He has a B.A. from Lehman College in New York, a M.Sc. from Indiana University and M.Sc. from National University. He was an adjunct instructor at San Diego State University, training teachers on how to address the needs of special education students in the mainstream classroom and he also taught special education law to assistant principals and principals.


Dr. Wiedre was the director of a private school for children with learning disabilities in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Presently, he operates an education clinic that serves both mainstream and special education students and adults. He has authored several published articles and writes a monthly education newsletter about the importance of perception and executive functions on learning and sports activities.


Dr. Wiedre utilizes a state of the art Visagraph infra-red assessment. The Visagraph is an infrared optic which senses eye positions during silent reading. The Visagraph, in tracking the eye movements, measures whether or not the eyes are working as a team to send a singular picture for the brain to process. The Visagraph can also measure and graph eye movements which are adult normed. This includes left to right movements (directionality), number of pauses (fixations), length of pauses (duration of fixation), moving right to left and down to change lines (tracking), convergence, and reversals of eye movements. The test results are used in conjunction with the Neuro Optometric assessment to identify how the body and brain work together. 


He is a teacher, researcher, administrator and education innovator with over forty years of experience.