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Any student can improve their academics and athletic skills with expert instruction, a proven learning strategy, and a caring atmosphere.  When it comes to learning, everyone has strengths and weaknesses. Trying to improve a weak subject, raise an overall average or overcome a learning difficulty can be a frustrating experience.


That’s where It’s Academic Tutoring Center can help.


We’re an educational institute dedicated to helping students reach their full learning potential. With qualified instructors, a proven strategy, and a caring atmosphere, weaknesses can be overcome.


It’s never too late to learn or too early. We offer tutoring to students in elementary, middle, and high schools. We also provide programs for adults. We tutor most subjects. Both tutoring and remediation are an integral part of the It’s Academic Centers learning strategy. Our tutoring covers areas such as math, spelling, reading, grammar, writing skills, sciences and Spanish. Special attention is paid to study and organizational skills. Special education teachers and English as a second language teachers are also available.


Often, parents arrive at our doorstep requiring our assistance with their student struggling at school. Over a cup of coffee, we have the opportunity to discuss the student in a comprehensive light. This means looking at: a) current student grades, health history, sleeping patterns, perception and several other areas. We always look for the underlying reasons for why a student is struggling in school and/or with sports. Often, school and sports struggles are common as a package. Both areas involve perception. Here are but a few that affect the academic and athletic student:  Visual Discrimination Form Constancy, Spatial Relations, Spatial Processing, Visual Closure, Visual Sequencing, Visual Memory, Fixations, Duration of Fixation, Visual Pursuits and Saccades. 


In discussion with you, we will recommend the right program so that maximum results are obtained. Whether it’s a one to one, a small group setting, or an individualized computer program, personalized instruction is available.


In helping a student overcome a particular weakness or obstacle to learning, only qualified instructors are chosen. Using the latest learning materials and the most up to date methods, each tutor is able to give a student every possible chance to succeed.


Once a student is enrolled at It’s Academic, progress is carefully monitored to adjust the program if necessary. More emphasis on a particular area of learning may then be implemented and we encourage parents to communicate directly with a tutor to discuss any questions or concerns.


An academic assessment of the student’s abilities can be given to determine functioning grade levels, areas of strengths and weaknesses and remediation needs. Using the Visagraph, we can determine visual tracking issues that affect reading. With these assessment tools, we can devise a program tailored to the student’s needs.


To find out more about It’s Academic, give us a call, today. We will be happy to answer any of your questions so you can see first hand how It’s Academic can help you succeed.



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